Changing the GAME

With a vision and a dream Natalia Leemuriee set off to create and fill a void in the fashion industry that spoke to her spirit.

One day an incredible concept came to her with fierce vigor and she knew she had to pursue it.

To create a clothing brand that exemplifies the meaning of being the BEST version of yourself. And not only to look like it, but to actually FEEL like it.

She knew her own personal journey of self love, acceptance and living up to her true potential on her own terms and she wanted to share it with people in a way that they could make it their own.

This birthed GOLDN The Brand- the first clothing brand in its own right and lane that has come to shake up the game and is all rooted in what is tattooed right there on her shoulder blade- Gratitude.

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We believe in being EXCLUSIVELY INCLUSIVE.


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Where Gratitude and Fashion COLLIDE.

We have come a long way in our journey and we are excited to share that journey with you and hear all about yours!

Here at GOLDN we are birthing community that has common ground that is created by fashion, love of life and our own personal journeys that have led us to become the people we are today and the people we will become tomorrow.

So if you're a lover of fashion or just looking fly, someone who has been through his/her share of obstacles, or simply a kindred spirit looking for something but you have no clue what you're looking..... here is where you become GOLDN.

Welcome to GOLDN The Brand, now let's get you dripped out!

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