Your ass deserves this (literally) // I design with your ass in mind

Your ass deserves this (literally) // I design with your ass in mind

Okay soooo boom- I've been team lil booty all my life.

Growing up, I hated everything about my body, including being FLAT chested (a story for another time) and having basically no ass.

I used to look at other girls in my class and ask myself, "SHIT, what milk is sis drinking. I need a TALL GLASS."

It was a sad, insecure and disheartening time in my life tbh. 

Looking in the mirror and hating what you see SUCKS ASS *no pun intended*

Fast forward a few years later, and I started playing around with designing clothes.

I started making things for myself that made me look in the mirror and say "DAMN, okay sis. You're looking like a lil snack"

And this wasn't because I put on 15 pounds that all went to my ass and now had a wagon ;)

nah... this was simply because the clothes that I was making were honestly flattering for the curvy, and not so curvy parts of my body.

They made me feel good with what I had for a change, and not wishing for more.

At that moment... I realized hmm, I might have something here!

I thought to myself, if I could bottle up this feeling and help other women around the world feel beautiful in the bodies they are ALREADY in and smile when they look in the mirror.... oh there would be a WHOLE lotta self healing and love going on!

Not to long after GOLDN was born.... and THEN the shorties.

Ohhhhhh, that's when shit GOT REAL.

I designed the shorties with your ass in mind... LITERALLY.

They are designed to have a flowy effect that makes you feel like a princess and a bad bitch at the same time.

See the cut of the pattern creates an appeal that makes any booty look flattering, whether you have a whole lot of booty to love, you're team lil booty or team not so much booty.

The shorties will make you want to twirl and take a whole bunch of back shot mirror pics- TRUST ME.

We've gotten HUNDREDS of messages and comments from gbabes around the world from sizes Xsmall to 3X raving about how sexy they feel in their shorties.

How they are twirling and dancing around the house endlessly feeling.... GOOD.

Shit, that's all that I want. I want my besties to feel good.

There's nothing like truly feeling good in your skin, everyone should experience that !

In a world where as women we are constantly told what we should and shouldn't do with our bodies, how we should act, what we are worth etc. 

It's important that we take back our power and the only way we can do that is through healing our self love individually and empowering/supporting each other through a collective.

That's what I aspire to do with GOLDN. 

I believe that self love can heal the world and I plan to spread that message through each and every thread of our handcrafted pieces.

Whew.... I feel like I just had a whole Ted Talk lmao

But it's a message I feel so strongly about that I needed to share with you.

So when I say your ass deserves this.... I MEAN it bestie.

You deserve to feel good, to look good and to be your OWN it girl! 

and I'm gonna help you get there.

love ya so much!! 

p.s. let me know what you thought about today's diary entry and what your thoughts are on body positivity and self love! Oh AND if you'd like to share about how the shorties make you feel- I'd LOVE to hear it!




// Footnotes:

Drawing By @donewithlove.v via Pinterest

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