When people show you who they are... believe them

When people show you who they are... believe them


One of the hardest things for me to learn has been knowing when a person's season in my life is up, and dealing with then accordingly

It’s like things are going good and then the energy just switches. Shit just starts feeling weird af. They starting moving differently and I start realizing things, motives & actions I never noticed before. 

But it’s like, did I really not notice or was I just ignoring the signs because ignorance is bliss yknow?

Honestly I feel like people show me who they really are from the gate but I try to justify shit to make things comfortable. 

And all that does is cause build up and resentment that literally ends up exploding one day “out of nowhere.”

Whether it happens during a random arguement or passive aggressive tendencies- shit ALWAYS hits the fan. 

And tbh, I’m sick of the shit lol. 

But I’m working on not blaming others so much and looking at situations in a perspective of how I can take responsibility for my own shit… like not paying attention to those signs.

I'm learning that working on being the best version of myself is the answer to EVERYTHING.

By being the best version of myself I'll attract the best energy to me, the best friends, opportunities and the best life in general.

It's hella hard to accept that you're apart of the problem, BUT once you do, it's like the power is back in your hands- you feel in control again.

ahhh, I feel like I'm just rambling now.

But all in all... I just need to remember that people treat you how you ALLOW them to treat you and that when their season is up- stop trying to hold on for dear life and let them go.

FOCUS ON YOU and put more value on your self love, your energy and how YOU feel. 

It'll allll be okay, you got this babygirl.

until next time.



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