That time I almost gave it all up

That time I almost gave it all up

Okay so let me set the scene....

FedEx lost 100+ yards of our fabric and there were 100+ orders in the queue that needed to be made using that fabric.

Talk about STRESSED. 

That's why I cussed them out so bad in that video on IG lol

(if you haven't seen it watch here)

At that point ya girl HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!

I was overwhelmed and felt like I COULD NOT get out of this bad situation- I couldn't see the light.

I was ready to give it all up and surrender. 

But yknow what.... 

I thought to myself... "If I give up now, I'll just be a quitter and all of this would have been for NOTHING."

So you know what I did? 

I stuck it out for ONE MORE DAY. 

And then the next... and the next - until things got better.

And I'm so glad that I did. 

Fast forward a year later...

Our community has tripled in size, we've helped 1,000s of besties around the world feel beautiful & confident and most importantly got better with time.

We've been able to create doper designs & ship pieces the fastest we've EVER HAVE. shout out to Speedy Fast ;) 

But guess what?

NONE of this would be possible if I would have given up or most importantly didn't have the support & patience from you guys... my BESTIES.

I say all of this to say, no matter what's going on in your life right now - DON'T GIVE UP.
Keep going. Believe in yourself and even if things look impossible- know that there is light on the other end of the tunnel!!
Know that you are strong enough to overcome these obstacles. We're never given more than we can handle.
I believe in you bestie. I believe in US. 
We can't give up because our dream lives depend on us and we deserve to feel GOLDN.
And whenever you feel discouraged, just know I'm here for you to lean on ALWAYS.
WHEW, that was a wordddddd!
Just know that I love ya and I'm so grateful for you bestie.
And if this diary entry resonated with you please drop a comment and let me know! 
Until next time,
Nat- your designer bestie 
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