If your mental health is kicking your ass- READ THIS

If your mental health is kicking your ass- READ THIS

Hey bestie!

Ever since the pandemic my mental health has been so up & down

For awhile I thought it was just me, until I realized I WAS NOT ALONE.

But, it's so easy to feel alone. Isn't it?

So here I am, checking in with you and reminding your that you're NOT alone.

How are you lovey? Having a good day? Bad day? Tired as hell from the weekend? Feeling "over" the week already? 

If you're feeling ANY of that, I've got your back boo.

I put together 5 quick tips that help me to get my mental health together when I'm going THROUGH it okay!

1. Open up your journal (or notes app on your phone) and write down 5 things you're GRATEFUL for. It can literally be ANYTHING.

This always helps me to change my perspective and not sweat the small stuff. I usually do this cuddled up in a blanket, with a cup of tea, wearing my shorties.

2. Go OFF the grid. 

Listen bestie, social media can be a total buzz kill. Between the cap on those apps and the highlight reels- comparison can creep in and it's deadly. So put that phone DOWN.

3. Take time to laugh

Throw on your comfy kit & watch your fave comfort show (mine is ANY adult animation or Key and Peele lol), watch a comedy movie, or hang out with a funny friend. At the end of the day, laughter reduces anxiety.

4. If something/someone has been bothering you- or hurt you, let it out on paper.

You have to release all that's bothering you. You may be holding onto alot of bullshit and if you can't confront the person or situation- write a letter to it and LET IT ALL OUT.

5. Get some mindful movement in your day. 

It can be a 30 minute stroll in the park or around the neighborhood. Research shows that being in nature can increase energy levels, reduce depression and boost your well-being.

These few tips have really helped me in some of my darkest times. Dealing with your mental health isn't always easy but it's SO important.

The mind is a powerful thing and we have to take care of it!

So bestie, do you have any tips or experiences with mental health that you'd like to share with our other besties?

Tap here and comment it on our IG post- we're trying to create a safe space and remind all of our besties that none of us are alone and that we have a community filled with love and support!

With that being said bestie, I love you endlessly and look forward to chatting with you on IG!

until next time xoxo,

Nat- your designer bestie

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