I hated myself... so I created GOLDN.

I hated myself... so I created GOLDN.

Heeyyyy bestie!!

We've had so many new people join our community in the last few months and I feel like now would be a great time to reconnect.

GOLDN has grown so rapidly this past year and honestly... I've been blown away.

I started GOLDN back in 2020 with my own self elevation journey in mind- but little did I know my own journey would become aligned with so many other young women around the world in such a short period of time.

The funny thing is GOLDN started in 2020, but it all really BEGAN back when I was a youngin'.

See growing up I honestly hated myself.

Whenever I say that people are like "omg, NO... don't say that about yourself." 

But I mean... the truth is the truth sis lol. I'm just keeping it REAL.

I HATED my body, and my personality. I compared myself to EVERYONE and my confidence level was pretty much shit.

Having a perspective of yourself like that going through middle and high school can be tough af. And it was.

I had no idea of what self love was and even if I did, I don't think I would've thought it was possible for myself.

If I could go back in time, I would give mini me a BIG ass hug because sis was HURTING.

I would tell her that she is more than enough and to give herself more grace.

To stop trying to please everyone by being the perfect child and trying to live up to their expectations.

I would tell her to stop giving a f*ck about the opinions of others and to just be herself unapologetically.

I would tell her that it gets better. That one day she would stop avoiding mirrors and crying when she looks in one.

That she would find someone that truly loves and values her- to not be afraid of being alone forever. 

Y'now as I'm writing this it has me thinking about all of the little girls and young women in their 20s and 30s that feel like this too.

I guess subconsciously all of that was in the back of my mind when I created GOLDN.

I had finally gotten to a place where I could love the body I was in. Where I could feel some type of confidence and my self love was budding.

I just wanted other women to feel like that too. To know its possible and they can do it too- yknow?

I was making outfits for myself and they had me feeling like a BAD B*TCH okayyyy and I was like NAH I have to figure out a way to share this feeling with my besties.

That's the birth of GOLDN. 

FAST FORWARD... we're in the 2nd year and I have been able to help thousands of besties around the world to feel sexy and confident with pieces I made with my own 2 hands.

Mini me would be proud as hell and probably a little overwhelmed lol.

I say all of this to say thank you for saving me. Thank you for being here, apart of this journey and this community of self love.

I am so excited to see where things go next and to help spread this message of love all across the world to MILLIONS of women!!! #staygoldn

Sorry for this long ass email, I got kinda carried away this morning lol

But honestly I would love to know...has GOLDN and our pieces impacted you in any way?

If you have a few moments to comment, it would mean the world to me and make my day!

I hope to hear from you! 

Love you lots!!


Nat- your designer bestie


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