Diary Entry #1

Diary Entry #1


I saw this on twitter this morning & it made me think....

in reality those girls are not your friends. Just because you've had experiences together, been through shit and you've been "friends" for so long doesn't mean they are REALLY your friends.

and quite honestly... deep down I know you know it's the truth.

I need you to be real with yourself and stop settling for mediocrity for the sake of having friends. Having people to call to fill the silence, someone to go to parties with, get drunk with, someone to listen to you when you need to vent. 

Let's be real, that's why you're keeping them around isn't it? 

So that you don't have to be alone. 

Because in reality that's what you're running from- feeling alone.

You've felt alone, left out and betrayed so much that when someone comes along that gives you just a little bit more you take that and run with it- now they're your bestie. 

BUT when shit gets real, I mean when life gets REALLY FCKING REAL, are they there?

By your side helping you to handle whatever life is throwing at you, simply because they love you and care? 

Or are they the first one to give you excuses, ignore or passover what you're going through, gas light you OR even go spread your business to everyone else- especially to your other "so called" friends.

Man. this friendship shit gets tricky af when you get older- I was NOT expecting this.

I wasn't expecting to question so many of my relationships and their true intentions- it's exhausting

and quite frankly I have plenty of other things that could use my attention.

I am such a good person so why is it so damn difficult to find other people that can just treat me the same way?

I had to distance myself from the "friends" that were no longer serving me and be my own fcking best friend for once.

Be totally selfish and operate based on what I NEED, what I WANT , what's BEST for me and makes ME feel good!

That simple shift has brought so much peace into my life.

Is it lonely sometimes?

Of course- but I know that the Universe is attracting the right people into my life right now who aligns with me, loves me unconditionally & is loyal.

I will wait patiently because it's what I DESERVE.

and that's how I want to live my life- based on what I deserve and that's LOVE, GREATNESS, PEACE and pure fcking bliss.

ahhhh, I love you.

until next time...



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