Need help with your Spring Wardrobe?                                                           Check out this season's biggest trends!

Need help with your Spring Wardrobe? Check out this season's biggest trends!

We all know how annoying it can be to keep up with the season's trends and plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Some of us are Fashion Week gurus, and others are just like fu*ck it- I'm going with the flowwww.

Either way, we've got you covered!

We like to keep things nice and simple and give you the info. that you crave so you can be the flyest on the scene.

If you want the latest scoop on this season's trends, keep reading and stay GOLDN.


We've rounded up some of this season's hottest trends from New York Fashion Week all of which are really ease to embrace and implement into your seasons looks.

So without farther adue, LETS GET IT.


Trend #1: Spot it Up




Polka dots appeared all up and through the collections that graced NYFW. The classic black and white dots were present, of course, BUT this time we're switching it up with more vibrant colors, like GOLDN yellows.


Trend #2: Capri Pants

It's time to take a trip back into time, and rembrace the classic capri. 2019 was all about ther Bermuda short, well in 2020 say hello again to its close cousin, the capri pant.

Now this style can be quite tricky to style if you're not used to this type of piece. Just like anything else, this style can be DOPE and go south SUPER quickly.

So to spark your imagination, here are a few capri pant looks that we're loving!





Trend #3: Two-Toned Designs

Here's another trend that can go South pretty quickly if not styled well. With the emergence of two-toned shirts, pants, and dress- its a colorful galore. 

When styled well, this look can be SUPER edgy, and spicy. We've seen plenty of two-toned tracksuits, sweatpants, and dresses lately- which make this trend easier to style because it is a complete LOOK that may just take some accessorizing.

Check out some Two-Toned inspiration that may just inspire you to add some two-toned designs to your Spring wardrobe.




Trend #4: Blazers and Bras

Let's talk sexy and classy! A combination of work and play is the basis of this flirty belly-baring styling trick. 

This trend is SUPER easy to replicate and adds another way for you to style this staple wardrobe piece.




Trend #5: Statement Sleeves

When we saw this trend on NYFW we loved it! But it's time to take this trend from the runway to the street and simplify this trend into everyday looks that you can replicate. 




Trend #6: Matchy- Matchy

Fall has been all about embracing monochromatic combinations ( one color ensembles), therefore once we're in the swing of Spring we'll have this trend down pact! 


Trend #7: Colorblocking 

The more colors the merrier- we're talking about combinations of blues, greens, and reds making EVERYTHING GOLDN.


Trend #7: Ribbed Sweater Dress


We LIVE for a comfy and cute, ready to wear outfit solution and this trend is IT. 

Just reach into your closet, grab your sweater dress, which probably has stripes lol, and accessorize. Bam, just like that you're ready to OWN the day!

Trend #8: Bright Orange

Let's be real, is it really Spring without throwing a vibrant, fun and bold color into the mix?

This specific shade of orange works for casual pieces like shorts and sweatsuits, but also more formal pieces like dresses and ruffled tops.


Trend #9: Updated Shirt Dress

We love classics with a TWIST. A few NYFW designers played with this classic look by implementing ruffles, playing with shapes and showing some skin.


Trend #10: Lingerie-Like Looks


While your spicing things up with you the Blazer and Bra trend, keep things going by throwing in a corset or sport a completely laced out look like our Lace in Love Set.

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